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  • The Mid-Autumn moon is more round, concentric achievements

       Autumn is coming, osmanthus fragrance, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Sikeda leaders arranged the Mid-Autumn Festival extra meals specially in order to express the care of all employees, thank the staff for the development of the enterprise to make outstanding contributions and long-term hard work.

       Although we come from different province, but we get together in Sikeda for a common goal and ideal, and in this big family, we can grow together and develop hand in hand. In this Mid-Autumn Festival, which breeds homesickness, we will have many thoughts in far away from our hometown and relatives, but we have a big family that is united, progressive, warm and harmonious.

       Year after year, the situation is similar, but things are different. In this symbol of harvest, reunion and festival day, let us work together, work together in times of trouble, with a more diligent and dedicated attitude, rigorous and solid style and full of enthusiasm, and constantly promote the company's work to a new level, I wish us a more brilliant tomorrow.