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  • Study and implement the spirit of the 13th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region thoroughly

    In the morning of Jun. 30th,2022, the Party branch of Ningxia Sikeda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. invited Professor Shaojun Ma of Pingluo County Party School to give a special explanation on the spirit of the 13th Party Congress of the autonomous region.

    Party members and cadres of park management committee, local police station and more than a dozen enterprises , nearly 50 people attended the seminar.

    At the meeting, Professor Ma made a insightful and detailed explanation on the theme of "deeply study and understand the spirit of the Party Congress and strive to write a magnificent chapter of beautiful new Ningxia".

    After seminar, the participants said that Professor Ma's lecture was rich in content, insightful, thorough in discussion, vivid in language and vivid in written examples, which had strong guidance, pertinence and operability.

    Through this seminar, party members and general public of the autonomous region have a more profound understanding in the work of the ideas and the target tasks in the next five years,it has a strong guiding significance in the future for the work .