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  • Jiannong Che went to Sikeda to carry out inspection of material of toxic chemical

    In order to further strengthen the management of material of toxic chemical, put an end to material of toxic chemical leakage out of control, in the morning Jun. 15,2022, Jiannong Che , political commissar of the anti-drug Corps of the Public Security Department of the Autonomous Region came to Ningxia Sikeda Biolotechnology Co., Ltd. for inspection guidance work together with Wei Hu , the full-time deputy director of the municipal Drug Control Office, Deputy county head of Pingluo County People's Government, managing director of the Public Security Bureau, Ruiyong Yang , deputy director of the Anti-drug Control Commission and Huaizhi Fan, deputy director of County Public Security Bureau.  

     Jiannong Che, the leader of the working group, asked Sikeda about the purchase, transportation, storage and registration management of materials of toxic chemicals in details, and inspected the storage and tank areas of materials of toxic chemicals warehouse, workshop, laboratory, warehouse, central control etc.

    After the inspection,Sikeda received highly appraise as the standardized management of tank area, laboratory inventory management, file management, registration and registered use, especially the company's hardware facilities and installed one-button alarm device, and asked other enterprises to learn from Sikeda to improve all kinds of documents and facilities as soon as possible.

    Through this inspection, the management of materials of toxic chemicals of chemical enterprises in Hongyazi Industrial Park Pingluo County has been standardized and reformed, enhancing the safety awareness of all enterprises, plugging the management loopholes from the source, ensuring the legal and safe use of enterprises, and preventing the flow of materials of toxic chemicals into illegal channels.